Our Software

Acuity Link is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that automates communication and transport requests for healthcare institutions and medical transport providers.

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    Accessible through any internet browser

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    Requires no back-end integration or installation into existing systems

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    Cloud-based software solution

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    Fully HIPAA compliant

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    Meets or exceeds all security requirements

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    Free mobile application for IOS and Android phones and tablets

Acuity Link Advantages

  • Solves glaring market need
  • Data capture, reporting and analysis
  • Easy to implement, train and use
  • Full service medical transportation platform including all levels of ambulance care, wheelchair and ambulatory services
  • Rich feature set including ability to book round-trip, recurring, multi-destination, negotiated pick-up times, etc.
  • Technology integration and partnerships
  • Sophisticated proprietary algorithms
  • SaaS-based subscription model
  • Real-time GPS and ETA
  • Automation of medical necessity documentation
  • Mobile application
  • 3-way chat feature allows for clinicians and crews to share medical information in real-time
  • HIPAA compliant with enhanced security features
  • Manage service-level-agreements between healthcare institutions and their non-emergency medical transportation providers

How It Works


Healthcare provider accesses Acuity Link from a desktop or tablet to request non-emergency medical transportation.


Requester submits patient, clinical and transport information.


Acuity Link sends the request to medical transportation provider.


Medical transportation provider receives, reviews and accepts the request.


Active transports in Acuity Link can be viewed at any time by all parties involved to check status, location and patient information.


Transport is completed. Information from past requests provides extensive data and analytics on performance.

Security & Compliance

Technology is empowering innovation across the healthcare industry. With some of the most scrupulous privacy laws, it is Acuity Link’s mission to keep security and compliance at the forefront of innovation. Our software not only meets all security and regulatory requirements, it excels in ensuring the safety of patient information and proprietary data. Contact us for further questions on security.

Process Control

Technical Security

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